Can not open the lock of Android phone? Learn how to open it easily now.

Do not forget the phone’s pattern lock
Pattern lock is now being used for Android phone passwords.
You know only your pattern lock.
But if it ever happens that the pattern disappears.
Can not remember trying too hard.
What do you think?
You can also open the pattern lock if you forget it:
1) First switch off your phone.
2) Now press the volume button, power button and home screen button simultaneously.
3) Now you will see 5 options on the screen.
I) Reboot data.
Ii) Wipe data / factory reset.
Iii) Install update.
Iv) Power down.
V) Advance option.
4) Now choose among the 5 options wipe data / factory reset option. Then press yes.
But before selecting yes, remember that all the data before your phone will be deleted.
So always keep a back-up, so that, in situations like this, you do not lose any important data.
5) Now your phone will be restarted automatically.
After restart you can use your phone again as before. And you can lock the new pattern.

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